Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday!

Today is my EIGHTH birthday! I got a cool present too. My mom is sad I am already 8 years old. If she could turn back time, I'm sure she would. I remember the first walk on a leash 8 years ago at our old house. I didn't know what cars were and they were terrifying. I'm hoping for a carrot treat today! Anyway, here is a video of me opening my present.

At 8 years:
• I put myself to bed before my parents a lot of nights a week
• I love to sleep on a variety of surfaces other than the floor
• Car rides are the best
• I know my own way to the pet store (not that I have had a chance to go there on my own)
• I like food more than I did when I was one
• I sniff more than I run when we go out on early a.m. runs
• I LOVE the mud hole on the levee trail
• Squeaky balls are still the best
• I still have not had to have my teeth professionally cleaned thanks to that awful toothpaste mom uses on me


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